International Review of Sociology
Call for Papers

Call for Papers


Special Issue on: Masculinities in the Global South

Guest Editors: James W. Messerschmidt, Marco Bacio, & Cirus Rinaldi

Call for papers

The concept of hegemonic masculinity is widely employed by scholars worldwide in the analysis of unequal relationships between men and women, between masculinity and femininity, and among men and masculinities. Since Raewyn Connell’s initial conception of the term, it has been the driving force behind the expanding field of critical masculinities studies and has led gender scholars to concentrate their research on understanding the construction of hegemonic and non-hegemonic masculinities in the global North. In recent years, however, scholars have begun to research the social construction of hegemonic and non-hegemonic masculinities in the global South. Indeed, to gain a deeper understanding of masculinities, we need significant scholarship on both the global North and the global South, and this special issue concentrates on the latter: “Masculinities in the Global South.” We welcome papers that focus on hegemonic and/or non-hegemonic masculinities in different parts of the global South, and contributions might highlight specific themes including, but not limited to:

  • Colonial heritage and its effects in structuring masculinities in times of decolonization.
  • Neoliberalism and counter-movements in shaping masculinities in the global South.
  • Impact of transnational corporations, work, and labor rights.
  • Revanchist masculine movements in the global South.
  • New and old pandemics and global South masculinities.
  • Changing masculinities in the global South.
  • Girls, women, and masculinities.
  • Racialized masculinities.
  • Hierarchies among masculinities in the global South.
  • Hierarchies between masculinities and femininities in the global South.
  • Media, social networks, and media-representation of masculinities.
  • Crime and masculinities.
  • Fatherhood, families, and the global South.
  • Manhood and cultural representation in the global South.
  • War, military, and masculinities.
  • Sexual populism and global South masculinities.
  • Transnational and global migration.
  • Social movements and activism in the global South.
  • Non-binary and transgender masculinities in the global South.
  • Sex work between empowerment and vulnerability.
  • Different masculinities in different contexts: local, regional, national, and transnational levels.
  • Any other themes of importance.

Submission information

Please submit a title and short abstract (max. 500 words) in English that covers information on the importance of the research, the methods, and any findings to: James W. Messerschmidt (, Marco Bacio (, and Cirus Rinaldi (, by January 9, 2023. All works coming from any discipline in the social sciences and humanities are welcome. Authors will be notified by January 23, 2023, regarding acceptance of their proposals.

Final papers must be between 6,000 and 8,000 words and written according to the submission guidelines of the journal. The deadline for final submission is May 31, 2023. All submitted papers will undergo editorial screening and peer review. Please feel free to contact any of the guest editors if you have specific questions.

See “instructions for authors” on the journal website, including the open access policy, here.